Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minty Crab Curry!

After spending hours watching Food Network yesterday afternoon, I was all geared up for a great evening feast. I was really impressed by Rachel Ray's “Special DATE Meal" - Chicken Marsala, Rosemary Pasta, Drunken berry devil cake and Wine. On the way back from evening walk(highly needed), i decided to stop at nearest "Wine and Spirits" to check out cooking Marsala's. While my body was walking along the park, my brain was running all over the kitchen. My next stop was Grocery Store, to pick some fresh rosemary, Portabello and Shiitake Mushrooms. As, i stopped at the meat section to pick up Chicken cutlets for Marsala's, a tray of fresh boneless crab caught my eye!

I decide to leave it and move on.

A 6 months old conversation with three friends - S,D and V at Red Lobster(State College) came back to me:

Me: I love these Crab Cakes! I never knew they could be so good. Yumm!!!
(This was my first time with crab meat)

D: Wow! Truly Amazing.

S: Loving it! Babe! Can you pass that stuffed flounder?

V: I think it is Okay! I love crab curry they make it back in India. It is so much more flavorful.

Me: Seriously?
(Totally unaware of presence of Indian crab stuff - being a Delhi Girl)

D: Dont tell me, you never had it?

Me: Umm! Noo.

All of them: You have to try it!

Me: hmm
(Back working on the Crab Cakes - I just love them!)

I went back to the meat aisle and picked the crabs up. As i walk the aisles to pick other house needfuls, i start working on my crab curry (over the crab cakes). The blame goes to my indian taste buds!!
I go back and forth each aisle, as i prepare my recipe."Confused" if i wanted a coastal red curry or a north-indian version. After few conflicts with myself, I decide on a mint based semi-coastal curry!
After 2 hours of running in park and store, I walked home with 4 huge bags of grocery.

Menu was changed - Minty Crab Curry with Steamed Rice, followed by Haagen Daaz -Mango Ice-Cream. To get a true crab taste, i decided to keep whole spices out of the way and just work with herbs.

(Though Rachel Ray's date meal was truly amazing and I wait to cook that soon.)

Minty Crab Curry - Succulent pieces of Crab in Mint and creamy Coconut curry. Mild and truly flavorful !

Preparation Time: 15 Mins
Cooking Time: 25 Mins
Eating Time: Couple of Minutes for me :)


1.5 Lbs Crab Meat(Boneless and Cut)
1 Big Onion - Sliced
Garlic Cloves- 4-5
Ginger- I medium size peice
Green Chili - 2 Big ( I picked up Serrano Peppers)
Coconut Milk - 150 ml
Fresh Cilantro - A small bunch
Fresh Mint - 6-7 sprigs (1 small cup Mint Leaves)/ Can use dried mint leaves too!
Coriander Powder - 1 tbsp

Paste one- Grind or Finely chop garlic,ginger and green chili.
Paste two- Grind or crush mint and coriander leaves.

1. In heated pan, add cooking oil and paste one.Stir fry on medium heat 3-4 mins. Add sliced onion. Fry till golden brown. Add the paste two and fry for few minutes, stirring continuously.

2. Add coconut milk to the pan. Add salt and coriander powder. Add crab pieces to the pan. Cook till crab is soft and tender. Cook approximately 15 mins.

Garnish with Mint leaves and Slit Green Chili.

Serve with Steamed Rice and Onion-Tomato Salad.

Enjoy my very own - Minty Crab Curry, while i go on another food hike.


archana said...

hey hitashi.. good work man :) nice blog! and nice pics to go with it too :) i was looking for a good and easy crab recipe.. shud def try urs out..

shreya said...

Awesome crab recipe.. it was soo yummy! i can't wait to try it out myself soon. Great blog and pls keep them coming. You know i've depended on you for recipes past 2 years ;)

Hitashi said...

@Archana - Thanks. I am glad you liked. Let me know once you try it.

@Shreya - Sure Babe. You keep coming back for more.

Vidu said...

nice blog..nice food..
70 profile views!!!!! keep the good work up..

Sana said...

oooh very pretty and yummy! come back to state college! and this time around make something special for me toooo :P

Hitashi said...

@ Vidula - Thanks! I will definitely come up with more.

@Sana - Anything for you babe! Infact something spl for u wud be there, next time i meet you.

Unknown said...

Hey Hitashi!!! ( Thank me for being nice as I did not address u by ur actual name, haina honey!!)

She has the best culinary skills n I can vouch for it as I ve been part of many experiments. I am too lazy to cook... u know that!!
So come home soon.. Waiting for the 'haute cuisine'..

Good work sis!

Hitashi said...

@ Parul - Thanks behen! Will surely come to india n cook for you dear!